How To Prepare For your Print Ordering Session





          Preparing for your Print Ordering Session 

Chea understands that making decisions on what prints to order or how many can be overwhelming. Chea will help you through the process to figure out what best meets your photo needs.

  • If your session came with a print package please make a note of the image #’s that our your favorite. (The image number is located below the image and will read for example Proof#HR007)


  •  Choosing your yearbook image is very important/most Schools have a specific date that this image needs to be submitted by. Each School also has its own set of specifications that is required. Please see your Schools specifications before choosing your image.  Once the image is chosen by the client/Chea will submit the image to the Students School.  Please Note: Once the School/Yearbook department has confirmed that they have received the image that Chea Studio emails them and the specifications are approved by the School Chea Studio Photography is no longer responsible for the image. Chea Studio Photography can no be held liable for images that are lost or not used by the yearbook department. Please see an example of what most schools require for your yearbook image.


  • Prepare a list of family members/close friends/teachers/anyone special in your life that you will want to gift a print to.
  • Make a list of how many graduation announcements you need or want to send out to family members. This will help prepare you for the amount wallets you may want to order. Or how many personalized announcements you may want to order.
  • Graduation Party Inspiration Prints Would you like to have a large print to display at your Graduation Party or a Book that Showcases your Senior Success?
  • Moms love large a large wall portrait / Mom should look at her wall space to decide if she may want a Large Wall Print in the home.
  • Dad’s love a photo for their office / Does Dad need a Print for his office desk.


Payment Options: 30% percent of the total print order is due at the time of ordering. The remaining amount is due before January 1st of 2018 (unless other arrangement payment arrangements have been discussed) Please note any orders cannot be fully processed until final payment is made. However Chea will work with you on payment plans please ask for more details.


Please Note: Payment plans are available for Print orders and Products




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