Beauty and Glamour

  As a photographer, Chea has the privilege of working with people of many different stages of life, backgrounds and personalities. Recently, she was honored to perform a glamour project shoot, aimed at bringing female beauty to the forefront of her lens. During this shoot, these women were encouraged to shine and radiate their individual beauty, both internal and external. All women have the right to feel beautiful, and to openly celebrate that beauty at all stages of their lives. Because we are beautiful; we are staggeringly powerful; and we shine.
From a young age, we as women are constantly given the message that we need to do whatever we can to cling to our youth; to stay beautiful, by whatever means necessary. Often, as we age, we experience a sense of loss and mourn the fading of what we think makes us women.
Our allure is something that we often gauge our worth against. And in a society that values youth above just about everything else, this can be a painful internal battle for many of us, and one which comes with a shame that bids us to hide ourselves away after we reach our limit of desirability.
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 What isn’t so often told is that women carry with them a beauty that is so deeply imbued in our gender that it can never fade with age. In fact, it only gets better. More radiant, more pure, and more powerful. Women were created as the nurturers and heart of this world. We love, we comfort, and we create life.
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