How to prepare for your Senior Portrait Photo Session



The Day Before Your Photo Session

  •  Skin Care: Be sure to spend some time exfoliating and moisturizing your skin a couple days before your session. If you are a male please also exfoliate dry skin. ***If you have facial hair its very important to have an even shave.***
  • Tanning: If you plan on Tanning be sure  you tan for several weeks before the session so that your skin is not red the day of your session.
  • Water and Rest: Drink lots of water the day before your session, and get plenty of rest the night before.
  • Nails: It is recommended that you have a Manicure and Pedicure done prior to your session. It is best to have colors that will go with all of your outfits. A natural look is recommended.
  • Makeup: Having even coverage on your entire face is important for the day of your session. If you are not familiar with applying your own makeup it is suggested that you have a professional or a friend help apply your makeup. (Chea Studio does not provide makeup) If you need a referral of a makeup artist Chea  can provide this information.
  • Hair: Is optional and usually loose curls or a natural look that will withstand the wind while shooting outdoors is recommended.

[button color=”lightblue”] WARDROBE TIPS-FASHION IS ART SO BE CREATIVE[/button]

Wardrobe and Accessory Ideas and Inspiration

  • Tops
    Bring Several Longs Sleeve, Short Sleeve and Or Tank tops. Having some extra solid color items is always good to have with you.
  • Jeans and Shorts
    Bring Several Pairs of Jeans and Shorts
  • Something Different
    Show off your unique style with something fun , formal, or wild.
  • Identity Clothes
    Athletic uniforms, music ,arts, etc..
  • Something Casual
    Your favorite thing to wear on a normal day.
  • Accessories
    Hats, Scarves, Costume Jewelry, Big rings, Belts
    The bigger and more colorful the jewelry the more fun!
    Small jewelry does not show up as well in the photos
  • Shoes Boots High Heels, Converse. Anything fun and funky. Also some casual style shoes to match your casual wardrobes.

Please have all of your garments pressed and ready to wear.

It is recommended that you hang all of your items on hangers.

[button color=”green”] THE DAY OF YOUR SESSION[/button]

What to expect the day of your session

  • Location is determined by style and personality of the student
  •  Please come to the starting location  makeup ready along with your wardrobe, shoes and accessories
  • Please allow up to three hours per session.
  • Bring makeup and hair spray for touch ups
  • Bring all of your garments/wardrobe and any other items with you to your session.
  • It is recommended that you bring your garments on a hangers to avoid wrinkled clothing.
  • Payment is due at the time of your session (Chea Studio accepts Visa, most major credit cards, Money orders, Checks or Cash) {Payment plans available for Print orders only}
  •  Yearbook: All Schools have a deadline and certain criteria or specifications that they use for yearbook images. Please research this information before your session. If you have a printed sheet that explains the specifications please bring this to your session.