Senior Portraits FaQ’s Policies

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STUDIO HOURS: By appointment only Phone 541-517-9421 email

FAQ’s-Commonly asked Questions, and Policies

BOOKING IN ADVANCE: Chea Studio is generally booked out three to four weeks. Its recommended  to book at least 4 to 6  weeks prior to your yearbook deadline. 

PAYMENT FOR YOUR PHOT SESSION: The initial payment for your photo session  is due at the time of your session. Please make payment payable to Chea Studio ( Major Credit cards, Personal Checks or Cash)

LOCATION: Sessions are photographed outdoors and the final location is determined by the students style. Most sessions are in Eugene Oregon or in the surrounding area’s of Lane County.

INVESTMENT: All sessions include Artist creative time, Skill, Special Enhancements, Touch up, and any Consulting. Session fee is due at the time of session.

TOUCH UP AND SPECIAL ENHANCEMENTS: Portrait retouch is an artful skill and technique. All prints are fully touched up by the Artist_Chea.
All images are printed and processed through A Professional Lab. And Any Special enhancements are done by the artist/Photographer, and is included in the cost of prints.

HOW DO I VIEW MY PROOFS: Your proofs will be available for viewing online in a password protected gallery 3 to 4 weeks after your photo session?

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE UNTIL I CAN VIEW MY IMAGES: It generally takes an average of 3 to  weeks before your proof are ready to view.

HOW MANY IMAGES WILL I HAVE TO CHOOSE FROM: Generally there will be approx. 60 to 80 or more images to choose from

HOW CAN I ORDER PRINTS: After your proofs have been uploaded to your online gallery Chea Studio will contact you to set up an in person print ordering consultation. (please note that the online gallery will expire after you’re ordering session is finalized)

PRINT ORDERS AND PAYMENT OPTIONS: 30% percent of the total print order is due at the time of the ordering. The remaining amount is due before January 1st of 2018 (unless other arrangement payment have been made) Please note any orders will not be fully processed until the final payment is made. Payment plans are available for print orders and products. Chea Studio Accepts Personal Checks, Money Orders, Cash or Major Credit Cards.

CAN I SHARE MY IMAGES ON SOCIAL MEDIA: It is not recommended to share your proofs on Facebook or Instagram until they have been professional touched up. Keep in mind that the images on the online gallery are proofs. The final images that are chosen during your print ordering session will be fully touch up and ready to share on social media.

YEARBOOK IMAGE: Each sessions comes with an opportunity to use one image for your yearbook submission. It is the students responsibility to find out what the specifications are per school before coming in for their session. After your session you will choose one image to be submitted. Please see your Schools specifications before choosing your image. Once you have chosen your image Chea Studio will submit it to your School. Please note that after the School confirms that the image is eligible and has been accepted by the Schools yearbook department it is no longer the responsibility of Chea Studio. Chea Studio cannot be held responsible for images that are lost or cropped by the yearbook staff or department.


All images are copy right of Chea Studio: Please respect the Art time and Quality that Represents The Artist. Absolutely no scanning, Altering or printing of any images. Chea Studio also reserves the right to use any image for advertising, web use, internet blogs or for her Portfolio. Pricing and polices are subject to change at any time.


What does copy right mean:
The photographs Chea Studio creates are her art and livelihood. They are protected by Federal Copyright Law. That means that when you purchase a print, you own that physical copy of the image, but you do not have permission or rights to reproduce, edit or share it in any manner without Chea Studio’s written permission. This includes photocopying and scanning for personal or commercial use. When you copy Chea Studio’s images without permission, you are stealing. Signing the Copyright Agreement is mandatory. Please remember not to edit or remove Chea Studio’s logo/website off the web images she shares.

Chea Studio CD/DVD Policy: Chea understands that sometimes clients wish to have the images on a CD/DVD. Chea does not include digital negatives on CD/DVD with her sessions. It is not that Chea doesn’t want to give you what you want…it’s the opposite. Chea has high standards that not every print lab can insure. Chea works directly with her professional print lab to insure the highest quality images and products. Chea’s monitor is calibrated with her print lab to assure the color and the image is exactly how Chea intends it to be. Chea also spends special time retouching each image before it goes into production to ensure the quality and consistency of her work .